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CCSD Explores Options for Transportation Center In-Ground Lift

Dear Laker Families,


I am writing to you with an important announcement regarding our transportation center. A little over a week ago, the district was informed that our in-ground bus lift would not pass its next scheduled annual inspection by the Department of Transportation (DOT). In addition to the condition of the lift, there are structural issues beneath the lift itself that need to be addressed in order to pass such an inspection. While the next date for inspection is unknown, we anticipate that day will be sometime in JuneDid you know that the average miles per year the district drives in total is about 330,000? The lift is used to ensure that the district’s buses safely transport its students. Some of the items that we use the lift for are DOT inspections, brakes, tire changes, routine maintenance and needed repairs. The lift is used daily.

The district explained the situation to the Board of Education at Tuesday night’s regular Board of Education meeting. The district and the Board of Education agreed to explore two parallel paths to address the issue.

First, the district will undergo an emergency capital project exploration to replace the in-ground bus lift. The Board of Education authorized the potential project at a special meeting on Thursday morning. The estimated maximum cost of this project is $522,500. New York State aids an estimated 73% of the cost. However, the district will be required to cover the cost upfront. 

Second, the district will simultaneously explore shared transportation center options with neighboring school districts and municipalities. We have already started conversations to see if this is a possibility. 

There are many variables at play here, and we will update the community when we have more information. 

Some history that might be important for you to know is that we have been discussing the future of our transportation center for several years. Recently, the zero-emissions law that will begin in 2027 has caused us to pause because of the unknowns surrounding the change in law. This is not unique to Cazenovia, as many school districts are having discussions about shared transportation centers, new facilities, or how to retrofit their existing center. 

Moving forward, the district will be working with our transportation department team, our architects, and the construction management team to help us explore these two pathways. If you or another community member has expertise in this area and would like to join this committee, please contact me directly. Any help and input from our stakeholders is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you for your continued support of the students in Cazenovia.

-Christopher DiFulvio, Superintendent of Schools

Below are links to information that has been previously shared regarding the bus garage, facilities planning, zero-emissions, and transportation:

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Chris DiFulvio


31 Emory Ave Cazenovia, NY 13035